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Ignite Academy offers core classes for homeschool students in grades 6-12.


Our amazing team of teachers aims to engage, encourage, and inspire your child to reach his or her potential while providing academic rigor and structure.


We also aim to foster a space where kids can engage with one another and have social opportunities in and out of the classroom. At Ignite, we celebrate diversity and include everyone, regardless of race, religion, identity.

Classes at Ignite meet once a week in a group learning setting, in person or online.


Students are provided homework assignments to complete outside of class that facilitate learning throughout the week. Assignments are submitted either in person or via Google Classroom and are graded by the teacher.


Grades are updated regularly, and grade reports are emailed weekly to parents if desired. Ignite recognizes disabilities and differences by offering various accommodations to students who need them. 



Ignite Academy is a collaborative group of private instructors.


Students do not need to enroll in all of the classes offered at their grade level. Courses can be taken "a-la-carte!" However, Ignite's schedules are structured so that students can take math, science, and English courses in their grade level all in one day.


To enroll, go to the enrollment page and choose which class you'd like to register for. You will be redirected to the teacher's personal website to pay your deposit and sign up for the course! All course payments are processed through each course's teacher.

Ignite's goal is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all families.


Our campus culture is inclusive to people from all walks of life, and our teachers strive to accommodate students with different learning styles. Our hope is that when you walk through the main doors, you feel cared for, included, and challenged to learn.


We are incredibly proud of the students we teach, and they play a large role in the school's culture. Simply put: our students are awesome! Many spend their time together outside of the classroom continuing to invest in one another.  


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